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Pomegranate Herbal Fire Cider

Pomegranate Herbal Fire Cider

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Fire cider is an herbal tonic that boosts immunity, helps with digestion, and clears airways, phlegm & congestion.

It’s a traditional medicine used for colds, flus & can alleviate respiratory symptoms.

Use as a tincture and ingest

1-2 droppers full of the tonic as needed.

*Best used before & after meals to promote digestion*


Apple cider vinegar



Garlic bulbs

Fresh ginger root

Turmeric root

Horseradish root



Cayenne Pepper

Dried Hibiscus flowers

*All Ingredients are organically sourced or homegrown*

Care information

This modality is for all genders ~

This treatment for pelvic related discomfort connected to menstrual cycles is one of the benefits

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