Therapeutic Massage Therapy & Holistic Healing

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Massage Therapy

Earthnbody wellness offers manual therapy including deep tissue, circulatory, blends of eastern... 

Pelvic Health & Abdominal Massage

Cyclical Bodywork for each phase of the menstrual cycle  Meeting you in... 

Wellness Studio located in Orange County

1599 Superior Ave, Suite A3
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Earthnbody Wellness

Wellness is a journey towards more embodiment of natures wisdom, discovering science as a tool for healing and practicing compassion for our bodies. We believe that healing doesn't happen in isolation it happens in connection.

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Inspiring you to be connected to the earth & your body

Combining the elements of the earth and science of herbalism to bring you medicines that are created with love and intention


Holistic Services for your wellness

Sound Healing & Intuitive Readings

Sound healing as a integrative somatic experience for private sessions.  Intuitive readings... 

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