Client Testimonials

"Naomi is a natural and prolific healer! I came to her a few weeks ago for a Somatic Rejuvenation Bodywork Session. And it was unlike anything else I have ever experienced in life! I was looking for an experience that was healing in body and soul and it was exactly that. Naomi is very warm and comfortable to talk to. She begins her sessions by getting to know you, your intentions, and previous experiences. She has experience in pelvic floor therapy, which was amazing to hear as someone who has spent months in pelvic floor PT. She asked if I was interested in her incorporating that expertise into my experience and she did so effectively! The experience included massage (including stretching and long pressing, which were aspects I loved and have never experienced from any other massage therapist), instruments and sound bowls, hot stones, aromatherapy, home made oils containing herbs from Naomi's homegrown garden, and lots of amazing breathwork. It is truly a holistic treatment, all elements of the self are activated and incorporated. Near the end, I truly reached a divine level of meditation. Also worth mentioning how caring and dedicated Naomi is! I booked thru her site last minute the day of, and she went above and beyond to accommodate me and fit me into her day. I cannot thank her enough! And on my way out I was even able to purchase her lovely womb oil, which has been such a great addition to my life since.: Kate C. 5/30/23 


"The session I received from Naomi surpassed my expectations. Something unique I found from this experience with them is that they’re the first therapist to help me become aware of the parts of my body that hold the most tension and how different areas interact with one another. Their approach is the most practical I’ve experienced!" - Trinity 4/15/23

"I felt like a newborn baby after my massage. The oils Naomi used were enriching to my soul! The sound bowl and chimes at the end were a perfect way to finish such a rejuvenating massage." -Xochi 2/8/23 

"Naomi is an incredible healer and an expert in their craft. They carefully assessed my troubles and created a methodology of care to address my needs, which are complicated given my medical conditions. Jozey identified muscles where my conditions have caused excess tightness and imbalances & conducted integrated bodywork in these targeted areas. The treatment was comprehensive, relaxing and a much-needed physical assistance." -Meagan Lord 9/17/22 




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