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Pelvic Steam

Pelvic Steam

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Pelvic Steaming uses herbal infused steam to bring healing properties to the membranes of the vaginal tissues and the uterus.

Pelvic steaming is a connective practice that can help regulate the menstrual cycle, encourage healthy blood flow, ease menstrual cramps, clear stagnant blood & energies as well as warm the womb with gentle heat. 

Use about 1/3 cup in a pot of hot water. Wrap with towels & allow steam to gently flow into your pelvic region.

Do not steam for longer than 2o minutes.

Not Recommended for folks who: Are Pregnant, Menstruating Currently Fresh Spotting, Burning Itch, After Insemination (or IUI/IVF transfer) When Trying to Conceive, When Prone to Continual Heavy or Spontaneous Bleeding Between Periods

Care information

This modality is for all genders ~

This treatment for pelvic related discomfort connected to menstrual cycles is one of the benefits

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