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60 min Prenatal Therapeutic Massage

60 min Prenatal Therapeutic Massage

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Penatal Massage is tailored to your unique journey during pregnancy. 

*Please advise prenatal massage is only available after the first trimester*

Option to enjoy your session with a prenatal massage table that allows you to face down with a supported space for your belly. 

Soft, gentle & light to medium strokes are used to target areas of tension including ribcage, lowback, glutes, legs and arms. 

 When the body begins to feel better, so does the mind. Prenatal massage eases stress related to pregnancy, can help you feel better, and improve sleep quality. Fatigue is a common effect of pregnancy, so pregnancy massage can help re-energize you to feel more at ease. 

Care information

This modality is for all genders ~

This treatment for pelvic related discomfort connected to menstrual cycles is one of the benefits

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