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60 Mins Circulatory Swedish Massage

60 Mins Circulatory Swedish Massage

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Circulatory also known as Swedish is one of the most common modalities of massage. 

This modality uses warm oil to encourage blood and lymph flow, while creating a relaxing experience with light to medium pressure. Can be experienced in combination with trigger point therapy (optional).

Circulatory massage can improve immune function, decrease inflammation & tight muscles, and create a connective feeling from head to toes. 

This 60 Mins Circulatory Massage is an organic Swedish massage that helps improve circulation, improve metabolism and help in detoxification processes and restoring balance.

EarthnBody Wellness always uses organic and high quality oils for your sessions.

Care information

This modality is for all genders ~

This treatment for pelvic related discomfort connected to menstrual cycles is one of the benefits

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